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Creative Ways You Can Use Wallpaper

The years of declining number of wallpaper users are now behind us as more home owners now rely on these wall coverings to get a perfect artistic impact.

If you are still skeptical about using wallpaper due to its wide range of designs and patterns, here are a number of creative ways you can use these wall coverings to project the elegance and pizzazz of your indoor space:

· In the living room

Having slightly artistic wallpaper hanging on the wall(s) of your living room gives an instant impression to your visitors. They make a design statement and create a blend with other features of the living room. Preferably, such designs should be kept simple and less rowdy.

· In the dining room

The regular dining room feels more like an office for meals. Installing a wall covering adds a fun feel and is easier than having large art works. At times a simple dishware (having glass doors) can be made to stand out when wallpaper is applied to its wall.

· In the bedroom

A wall covering in the bedroom gives a more personal outlook. Most users prefer this piece of art in a position that attracts more attention to the bed’s position. They create a central point of attraction.

· In the bathrooms and kitchen

You have to be selective when using wallpapers in the bathroom and kitchen. Preferably they should be made of solid vinyl to give more resistance to water. Your guests will definitely appreciate fun wallpaper as a surprise in their bathrooms.

· In the office

A wall covering for your home office is always a perfect idea. A simple design that doesn’t speak much gives it a whole new look, you could:

· Use it on a single wall as this creates a focal point for the eyes. If used in the living room, for instance, the wall behind the TV would be best.

· Use it on the ceiling of a room for an outstanding finish. Having a professional installer do this is best advised.

· Use two designs on one wall. Creating a nice blend between both designs is quite difficult but easier to achieve when both designs have similar themes and complement rather than compete with each other.

Several other creative ideas can be applied. A few of them include:

· Inside your book case.

· As an art in a frame.

· As a table topper. Using a piece of glass above it gives the perfect finish.

· As a panel round a room. Be sure to have a specified measurement to avoid mis-match.

So it is time to get creative!

You can now make use of wallpaper in a number of unique ways – and SkiptonWall Curtains & Wallpaper is your go-to store for any of your wall covering needs. We have 1000’s of wallpaper designs at the best prices in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.


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