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The benefits of wallpaper over paint

Tired of staring at the same plain, painted walls? Itching to rejuvenate your abode yet unsure whether to choose paint or wallpaper? There are near countless possibilities of what you might choose to create excitement and dynamism to any interior space - think texture, colour, pattern depth. However, with so many ideas, what do you choose? Wallpaper offers several benefits and potential design options that paint simply cannot achieve, allowing you to broaden your palette of decorating ideas to create the ambience you so desire. Protect your walls while creating a new look With wallpaper, you can choose from a huge range of different patterns, textures, colours and designs which can be utilised to create a unique, well-designed scheme. There is truly no better option than using high quality wallpaper to dramatically transform your wall-space. It is simple to install and relatively inexpensive when you consider the potential of design options it offers. The aesthetic potential of wallpaper is not the only benefit, as using wallpaper allows for walls to be easily cleaned and can be wiped over with simple household cleaning products to ensure they are dirt free. Alternatively, with painted walls, repeated scrubbings can cause paint to fade over time. Wallpaper can also be useful to help hide blemishes in your wall's plastering - your guests will never know! Even when choosing solid colours, wallpaper is still the way to go, as it offers a protective layer to your wall. Multiple options

A simple flat coat of paint can never achieve the interesting possibilities that wallpaper can create to greatly enhance your living space. The textures and patterns available with modern wallpapers are vast, yet vintage wallpapers are also readily available to create a sense of tradition and classic style in your home. You may choose to use wallpaper on just the border of the walls, whilst a full wallpapering may be just what is needed in your room. Ultimately, your choice of wallpaper can become an extension of your personality, allowing you to express your unique creativity or the patterns and textures that tickle your tastes. Paint just simply couldn't come close to the wonderful design opportunities that wallpaper can afford.

Luxury wallpaper for interior design Dubai UAE

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