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How to choose the perfect wallpaper

SkiptonWall Wallpaper Dubai, UAE & KSA

There's nothing better than walking into a room that's just perfect - the furnishings, the carpet, the colour scheme, the ornaments. And what pulls everything together? The walls. Choosing what to put on your walls is one of the biggest interior design choices and it's important to pick the perfect wallpaper for you.

A beautiful, bold wallpaper can push a room from okay to

extraordinary. The perfect delicate floral pattern on a chimney breast can make a living room extra special. A bold damask print in a beautiful bedroom (check out the Hyde Park collection) can add that extra touch of glamour. A modern wallpaper in a hallway adds colour and pattern to a boring space. A regal classic wallpaper like one from the King Alfred Collection can turn a standard dining room

into one fit for a royal banquet. A vintage wallpaper can perfectly set off shabby chic furniture and retro accessories.

Your perfect wallpaper needs to be high quality. It's a great

practical option too. At Skipton Wall, our wallpaper has

antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities, and it's water resistant, easy to remove, eco-friendly and fire retardant. The best wallpaper provides a far superior finish and more uniformity than paint. Great quality wallpaper allows you to find the perfect colour and the perfect pattern to bring your room together.

A stunning designer wallpaper can really make your room stand out, it's an excellent focal point and is the perfect starting point when choosing other accessories for your interior. Once you've chosen your perfect wallpaper, choosing cushions, rugs, wall art, and furniture is so much easier. Take a sample with you when choosing beautiful accessories to coordinate. It can be a surprisingly cost-effective alternative to paint and ours comes with a 15-year guarantee. No matter what your style -retro, bohemian, modern, classic - there's a gorgeous wallpaper for you.

Choosing the perfect wallpaper doesn't have to be a challenge, it's a great way to start your redecoration and can set the whole tone of the room - go with your heart and choose what you love.

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