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How to hang paper-backed wallpaper

Are you a DIY disaster and have no clue how to put up wallpaper? Don't worry, you aren't the only one. High-quality wallpaper can have much more of a 'wow factor' than painted walls, so with our handy tips, you can help give your home an attractive feature the easy way. Where do you start? You will need… • Step ladders • Tape measure • Wallpaper adhesive • Pasting brush • Sponge • Wallpaper scissors • Newspapers or plastic sheets (to keep your floors clean) Considering you have removed previous wallpaper from your wall, sponge any areas that still contain paste residue with wallpaper stripper. How to hang wallpaper 1. Prepare Firstly, draw a straight line down the wall you are going to start papering so that you don’t place unevenly. Measure the height of your walls and cut your wallpaper rolls into strips that are 30 centimetres longer than the height of your walls.

2. Paste your wallpaper Place your wallpaper strips face down on the newspaper or plastic sheet you have placed on the floor. Brush your paste onto the wallpaper strip with wallpaper adhesive. Brush upwards and outwards to avoid bubbling. Use sparingly to avoid soaking the paper and causing rips. Sponge any excess paste and fold the two top corners towards the middle slightly.

If your wallpaper contains busy patterns, it best to start hanging your wallpaper from a window or door and work outwards so that your pattern doesn't go out of sync.

3. Position Unfold the two corners that you initially folded and position approximately 5cm away from the ceiling. Smooth the paper onto the wall to avoid bubbling and make sure the bottom of the paper is on the skirting board. You will probably need to trim excess paper from the bottom. Make a line dent in the paper with the scissors as a guide and cut. Smooth the paper back into place. 4. Add additional strips You are now able to add your additional strips much easier using the first strip as a guide. Make sure that there are no gaps between pieces and that the pattern is continuous. Whether you are looking for modern or vintage wallpaper to create a unique interior, check out our huge range of high-quality low-cost wallpaper to suit all budgets from Britain and Dubai. If you have any questions, contact us today!

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