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Wallpaper tips for children's bedrooms

Whether preparing for a new baby’s arrival, moving to a new home, or it's simply time for a change, decorating children's rooms is a lot of fun. Once emptied, their room is a blank canvas on which you can express your creativity. Here are some top tips based around decorating your child’s room with high-quality wallpaper. Theme or no theme? The first thing to do is decide whether or not you want your child's room to have a theme. Ask yourself what your youngster likes and doesn't like. If they like animals, for instance, a wallpaper with characters could be the way forward. Or maybe they are an older child who would soon outgrow themes, so a classic look could be the best wallpaper choice for them. If deciding on a theme is proving tricky, plain or even stripped wallpaper may be best as it will stand the test of time, and you can always update furnishings or accessories as they grow. Colours Colour is also a major deciding factor when it comes to selecting wallpaper. There are some theories centred around the use of different colours in children's rooms, so it may be worth looking into if you want to promote certain emotions and behaviours. Subtle yellows and creams are said to encourage concentration. Greens are said to be nurturing, calming and refreshing. If a block of colour feels too much, try a wallpaper with hints of colour through it, such as vintage wallpaper with coloured floral detail. This would work particularly well in girls' rooms, if you want to achieve a pretty and classic look. Patterns To really achieve a stylish children's bedroom, try opting for a patterned wallpaper. This is something that paint can’t really achieve and is why many parents and carers opt for wallpaper instead. Patterns tend to be gender neutral, so will look great in both girls' and boys' rooms, or in rooms where children are sharing. Damask patterns are timeless and add an air of sophistication. For very young children, wallpapers with cartoon characters are perfect.

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