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4 Wallpaper Trends

If you want to transform your home but are struggling to think of ideas, then a high quality low cost wallpaper could be the answer. Unlike paint, quality wallpaper comes in a huge range of patterns and designs. Using a modern or vintage wallpaper in your home can completely change the look and feel of a room and bring it right up to date. Finding the best wallpaper isn't always easy, so we've put together a list of some of the trends hitting the market these days to inspire your home makeover. 1. Bold geometric shapes It is definitely been the time of geometrics. Choose a white background with a chrome or gold pattern over the top for a luxurious feel to your home wallpaper. Don't be afraid to use strong colours such as red or even black to make your decor stand out. 2. Beautiful blooms Flowers are always a hit when it comes to designer wallpaper, with some top names using blooms to bring colour to their designs. This year is no exception. For a modern twist, go for wallpaper that has huge blossoms and creates a real statement. Smaller flowers in intricate patterns work well as vintage wallpaper and can add a 60s or 70s vibe to the room. 3. Wallpaper in children's rooms It is becoming more and more popular to use wallpaper in children's bedrooms as it is better than toxic-smelling paint and creates cosier atmosphere for your little one. You can pick up quality wallpaper which has child-friendly designs such as animals, at a very low cost. It is often much more cost effective than trying to paint the entire room. 4. A taste of nature We all wish we could spend more time outdoors, but often the weather just doesn't allow it. Bringing a little bit of the outdoors indoors is one of this year's biggest trends. The best wallpaper has large tropical leaves or even stencilled images of plants. So bear these things in mind when you're searching for high quality wallpaper in Dubai and your home will be right on trend for years to come.

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