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7 things you need to know before putting up wallpaper

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Here are seven things you should do before hanging your wallpaper.

1. Wallpaper can be better for your walls than paint

Depending on which wall you're decorating, wallpaper can be better than paint. Textured wallpaper is great for rough wall surfaces as it has a relief pattern, and vinyl paper is ideal for a bathroom or kitchen as it's wipe-clean. It however is essential to ensure that the wallpaper isn't installed in areas with direct contact with water.

2. You will make a mess

No matter how tidy you are, paper and paste will make an escape. Remember to move your furniture and cover floors with dust sheets.

3. Clean your walls

Get a good sugar soap and clean down your painted walls before getting started, otherwise the paste won't do its job effectively. You don't have to do this step if you're hanging wallpaper on top of wallpaper, with the exception of washable paper.

4. Get the proper tools

Don't ruin the high quality wallpaper you've bought by cutting corners when you apply it to the wall. Here's a rundown of some of the tools you'll need:

Pasting bucket

Good quality scissors

Painting brush

Wallpaper steam stripper

Wallpaper paste

Plus general DIY items like a pencil, spirit level and stepladder.

5. Keep people away

More specifically, children and pets. Hanging wallpaper may become difficult when excitable tots and furry creatures are added to the equation. Safety is serious - close the door and get on with the job solo.

6. Clear your work area

Clear the room so you can't trip up on anything, then arrange your tools on the bench. Make sure your tools are to hand and on the bench behind you.

7. Give yourself time

The more corners you have in the room, the longer it will take. Similarly, cheap, low quality wallpaper takes longer to hang than higher quality papers. Make sure you've allotted enough time to do the whole job properly from start to finish. Then stand back and admire your handy work!

Looking for the perfect wallpaper for your redecoration project? Give us a call today.

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