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Wallpaper Designs for Homes

Are you looking to remodel your walls but aren’t sure what fits? It is the goal of every homeowner to ensure the spaces – both indoor and outdoor – reflects their style and personality of choice.

Wallpapers are a statement design piece. They add colour, character, and design to a room in a way paint simply cannot match. They are durable interior design options that captivate the charm and beauty of your indoor space.

When designing an interior space, a wide variety of tools and elements are considered for the pattern, texture, and depth of the space. A well-designed space incorporates all of these features, and a focal point that creates a layered and flawless scheme. While there are several ways to treat your wall, wallpaper is the only design method that can help you integrate a vast range of qualities in a single package. It is an easy and cost-effective way to transform your space without needing to add many other elements.

Wallpapers are not only great design options for the aesthetic charm they bring, but also add durability of the walls. They provide a protective, cleanable, and washable layer to the wall, and a subtle depth and texture that is particularly visually appealing. Of course, a wallpapered room is not an everyday sight. It is different, something special. Here are some of the unique benefits of having a wallpaper in your home:

  • Adds Personality

Wallpaper lets you add unique architectural elements to a space without needing the services of a general contractor. With your imagination and creativity, you can create as many characters as possible. You can direct attention to a fireplace or install a distinct pattern to make a focal wall. You can also cut a full-wall pattern into equal shapes to achieve a framed panel effect. What’s more, you can use a wallpaper in any room space. Wallpaper designs today – particularly those from SkiptonWall Wallpaper – are user-friendly, with a host of coordinating patterns and colour palettes that create a uniform design throughout your home.

  • An Economical Option

Wallpaper designs are an economical option. While other wall design/treatment options may seem inexpensive initially, the durability of wallpapers makes them a perfect choice. With most wallpapers today having a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, you get to enjoy rich quality and richness for a long period of time.

The use of wallpapers is increasingly becoming the interior design element of choice in UAE – and more specifically, Dubai. Truth is, wallpapers offer a homeowner a wide variety of options – and can be designed to blend with just anything in a space. SkiptonWall Wallpaper – a window and wall covering expert – is in the wallpaper UAE and wallpaper Dubai business, and is equipped with hands-on experience in providing top quality design options for homeowners in Dubai.

Wallpaper design has many benefits. The key to selecting the best fit for your space is to get the right wallpaper. Visit our SkiptonWall Wallpaper store for the best in-store wallpaper selections in Dubai.

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