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Choosing between vintage wallpaper and modern wallpaper

Here at SkiptonWall, we fervently believe in the unique merits of wallpaper. Not only is it easier to apply than paint, it is also more cost-effective. What’s more, wallpaper can feature patterns or images that simply can’t be replicated with paint, meaning that it is stylistically superior. We endeavour to pay homage to the stylistic versatility of wallpaper by offering the greatest variety of different designs possible. Wallpaper designs can be divided into two different categories: vintage designs and modern designs. Both of these wallpaper design-types are beautiful, but which is right for you? Vintage wallpaper designs are characterised by complex, traditional patterns and deep, rich colours. They are endowed with an air of timeless sophistication and evoke a bygone age of genteel romanticism. If you want to make your home seem more welcoming or bring a sense of charm to your interior décor, we suggest that you choose opt for a vintage wallpaper design. Vintage-style wallpaper can be deployed in any type of home, but it is best suited to rustic or traditionally-furnished households. However, it is worth noting that the complexity of vintage wallpaper designs (along with their use of rich colours) can have a crowding effect in small rooms. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as they can be used to create a sense of intimacy and cosiness, but they may not be suitable if you wish to make your home appear more spacious. In contrast, modern wallpaper designs tend to feature light, clean colours and simple, minimalist patterns. Consequently, it can be used to make a room look bigger and create a sense of space. The simplicity and purity of modern designs can also imbue your home with a sense of energy and freedom. While these designs lack the intimacy and warmth of vintage designs, they possess an undeniable air of dynamism. We recommend choosing this type

of design if you want to refresh and energise your home. Whether you decide to invest in a vintage wallpaper or a modern wallpaper, we are bound to have the perfect design for you. We offer a huge range of top-quality wallpapers, so check out our range as soon as possible, and call us today if you need more advice on the perfect wallpaper for your home.

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