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Five surprising ways to add colour to your home with wallpaper

At SkiptonWall we've blogged extensively about ways you can use wallpaper to make your home look beautiful, and the benefits of using wallpaper over paint. Wallpaper is invaluable for adding pattern, texture and above all colour to your home. Here are five alternative uses for wallpaper when you are redecorating. Create a headboard

Headboards are very on-trend, and the easiest way to create a unique take on the look is by using wallpaper. Choose a subtle yet bold design and then sketch out your shape. Use a template for accuracy, before hanging your cut-out at the head of your bed. It's a fresh and modern effect you could never achieve with paint alone. Celebrate with bunting This would add a beautiful design accent to a child's bedroom. Cut diamond shapes from offcuts of different wallpapers, then fold and glue over a hanging cord. A simple and cost effective way to add colour and fun to any bedroom. Transform a staircase If your hallway could do with a lift, use wallpaper to create impact by papering the riser of each step. Go bold and graphic with stripes, or keep it cool and contemporary with a subtle graphic design. You could even paper each step with complementary shades in different designs. Another cost effective and creative way to create real design flare that paint alone cannot achieve. Create art with a screen Unfinished screens are relatively inexpensive to buy and can be decorated to match a bedroom or bathroom design to add some art and drama. Try decoupage, by cutting motifs from different papers and gluing them to the screen, or choose one wallpaper that complements your overall theme. You don't have to stop there, as wallpaper sticks easily to wood, you could create unique furniture for your home by adding different wallpaper patterns and textures - it's the perfect way to upcycle an old chest of drawers or wardrobe. Invert the scheme Instead of using wallpaper on a single feature wall, use it on three walls of the room and paint the 4th - and the ceiling - a coordinating colour. It's a clever way to showcase a gorgeous vintage design, without letting a bold, rich pattern become overwhelming.

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