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Stylish wallpaper designs for the modern home

Choosing your wallpaper is much more than a finishing touch - the styles and colour schemes you choose will set the tone for every room they're put in. Making the right choices is essential - the perfect wallpaper design for the bedroom might not work so well in the lounge, and vice versa. Here are some essential style tips for choosing a modern wallpaper design you can be proud of for years to come. Create the right mood Colours and patterns are known to be powerful emotional triggers, which means your choice of wallpaper should reflect how you want yourself and others to feel on entering a room. You could create a romantic mood with floral patterns and rich, sensual colours, or you could opt for a sleek, modern style with striking colours and spare, unfussy designs. Complement your furniture Your wallpaper and your furnishings should work in perfect harmony to create a consistent, satisfying look in any room. For instance, if you have a lot of tradition

al wooden furniture in a room, organic colours such as brown and deep green, with some nature-themed designs can create a delightfully relaxing, old-world effect. Alternatively, a room stocked with minimalist lines and modern electronic devices might better suit clean whites and metallic greys with intricate geometric shapes. Consider a feature wall Who says all four walls of a room need to be identical?

Many modern wallpaper designs make use of a 'feature wall', which stands out from the rest to create a clear focal point for the room. This might be the wall that holds the window to showcase your view, or it might offset a beautiful painting or installation. A feature wall shouldn't totally clash with the rest of the room - a different shade or an eye-catching pattern should be enough to set it off beautifully. Think about lighting The way a room is lit can have a huge impact on how the wallpaper appears to the naked eye. When choosing your wallpaper, work with any shadowy areas by creating attractive silhouettes using differently shaded panels. If your room is a little small, focus on brighter colours to create a lighter, roomier feel. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes. If you need any advice selecting high-quality wallpaper for your home, contact us at SkiptonWall today.

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