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Achieving flawless flocked wallpaper

Flocked wallpaper is a high-quality wallpaper that combines texture with the convenience and ease of a papered finish on your walls. One of our collections that is entirely composed of flocked wallpaper is our Hyde Park QL Collection. The look is one of high opulence and the touchable surface gives your room a focal point that a simple paint job can never achieve. Here at SkiptonWall Wallpaper, we know that the final flawless finish is as important as the choice of colour or pattern, which is why we aim to offer the best possible advice to our customers. The flocked appearance of your wallpaper is created by the application of fibres to the surface using adhesive. The pattern achieved is therefore raised above the surface of the paper giving it texture. This is a stunning look that is luxurious and beautiful. However, this look can be easily ruined if you hang this flocked wallpaper in the same way as you would other wallpaper. Flocked wallpaper deserves special treatment and can help you to get an ultra-luxurious look even on a small budget. The key to achieving that flawless flocked finish is to simply apply the wallpaper paste to the wall rather than the underside of the paper and to be careful about how much you apply. You need to avoid getting wallpaper paste on the front surface of the paper at all costs and especially on the flocked sections. However, it may be possible to very gently remove a water-based wallpaper paste from the joins if necessary. You should also be aware that during the cutting process there will be some shedding of fibres. This is normal, but the fibres can become stuck to the paper or the wall or even embedded in your pasting brush. You also need to ensure you create a clean edge when cutting your paper. A sharp razor is the best way to achieve this as it will cleanly cut through the flock fibres without disturbing the pattern. Have several razors on hand and use a fresh one regularly. Applying flocked wallpaper to your feature wall will give it a timeless look that shows your commitment to a high-end finish. The professional application of the wallpaper is essential in achieving this look and with practice is something that any competent DIYer can do.

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